About MIPA

About MIPA 2022-09-22T10:27:31-05:00

The Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (“MIPA”) is a professional association of licensed pharmacists, pharmacy students, and others dedicated to providing safe and affordable distance care to improve the health and well-being of individuals of all ages located around the world. MIPA was established in 2003 when members of the Manitoba distance care pharmacy community recognized the need to work together to provide safe, legal, and ethical distance care to consumers. Since that time, MIPA, and its national counterpart, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, have worked tirelessly to advance the interests of distance care pharmacy both within Manitoba and around the world. Both associations are proud to have maintained a 100% perfect safety record since their founding. MIPA strives to ensure that its member pharmacies provide a gold standard in the delivery of distance care. MIPA’s extensive Standards of Practice protocols require that all member pharmacies:

  • operate from bricks and mortar facilities; • employ licensed pharmacists;
  • require a valid prescription issued in a direct patient-doctor encounter prior to dispensing medications;
  • obtain demographic and medical information from the patient and maintain a health profile with medication history to avoid adverse drug interactions; and
  • protect patient privacy to meet all of the privacy laws and practices of both Manitoba and Canada.

MIPA members also must operate in a transparent fashion to the public, and implement policies and procedures that empower patient choice.

MIPA works closely with the Manitoba regulator (the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba) and was instrumental in the creation of the international prescription service category of pharmacy license issued to MIPA pharmacies within Manitoba. Regulatory inspection and oversight, as well as adherence to the requirements of pharmacy practice in Manitoba, are required of all MIPA members. MIPA members post contact information of the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association on their websites to easily enable consumers to contact the Manitoba regulator in the event of any concerns within the provision of distance care from MIPA pharmacies. Should you have any questions regarding the association, please email us at [email protected]