MIPA Pharmacies Have 14 Years of Pharmacy Innovatation Experience

Pharmacy Innovation 2022-09-22T10:30:45-05:00

Innovating Care at a Distance

In today’s world, commerce is no longer restricted to the borders of your town or city. Patients live and need care in remote northern communities, in the Himalayan Mountains, here in Winnipeg, and all around the world. MIPA helps to deliver professional health care regardless of geographic location.

Over the last 20 years MIPA has been focused on providing an exceptional level of care that our patients deserve. As a pioneer in offering care at a distance MIPA pharmacies have learned that not all patients have access to the same health care options many of us in our urban, and first world settings often take for granted. Through providing these products and services many patients have been and continue to be able to improve their standard of living.

Many of the doctors prescribed products are either priced out of reach or are just not available in many patients locale. Providing these patients the ability to access care at a distance many of them can now receive their prescribed medications. These are often available at prices that are more affordable than they previously have had access to. Helping to ensure most patients stick to, or adhere to their prescribed health care regiment and improving their overall experience.

Innovating 21st Century Pharmacy Software

MIPA members have spent in excess of ten million dollars developing leading edge systems to compliment the existing pharmacy software to provide appropriate care. Some of the common issues facing distant care providers is having patients all across the globe, in 140 different countries, all speaking different languages and functioning in different time zones. Being accessible during those radically different hours has necessitated innovative solutions to be reachable to those patients. Many patients have come to expect responses to their questions and concerns in a timely manner and often use SMS, live chat and email solutions so that they can communicate with our members when it is convenient for them.

To ensure we meet those high demands MIPA members have created a software solution that is customizable and efficient at helping our members keep on top of their patients questions, concerns and counseling requirements. The software is a full service system that empowers our Pharmacy partners and enhances their ability to edit, change and resolve real-time issues that our patients have every day.

Innovating in a Global Marketplace

Consumers in all corners of the world have access to the internet. Companies now more than ever have the ability to send products and services to all the countries in the world. eCommerce has enabled a far greater amount of connections between countries and business services and products. Many businesses have found that they have to innovate their business models in order to service those new found consumers. As the world continues to shrink in this new globally accessible landscape borders no longer limit the choices people have access to. The majority of consumers have now come to expect to have the ability to price shop around the globe for both the products and services that they require.

With the shift in business model away from only walk up patients meeting the needs of our patients around the globe is important. MIPA members have focused on ensuring that not only are the offerings we provide economical, but also attainable in the currency that our patients use at home. This simple innovation allows our patients to easily compare prices and see how we provide exceptional care to them from right here in Manitoba.

As with all global businesses getting our clients the product that the need has required MIPA to improve the shipping requirements and offering we supply to our vastly different array of patients. Finding effective ways to get our patients their products in a timely and efficient manner. MIPA has also recognizes its responsibility to put shipping on a path towards greater sustainability with looking at using more environmentally friendly technologies. We also feel that encouraging our shipping partners to invest in reducing their CO2 emissions understanding that there are still significant challenges that need to be addressed.