MIPA Members

MIPA Members 2017-03-15T08:33:15-05:00
  • Maintain up-to-date International Prescription Service (“IPS”) license, issued by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba. The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (formerly called the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association “MPhA”) established the IPS license in 2006, as a supplemental license, with additional fees and requirements developed in collaboration between Manitoban pharmacies, the CPhM, and the Manitoba Provincial Government, to specifically support distance care patients unable to access their physician prescribed medications.
  • Require a valid prescription issued by the patient’s physician after an in-person consultation, therapeutic assessment, and on-going review.
  • Patient medical profiles are collected, updated, and maintained to ensure all orders undergo drug-drug interaction, allergy, and therapeutic appropriateness reviews
  • Patients physically unable to attend the pharmacy in-person are required to have an authorized, limited, power of attorney on file, designating legal authority for their appointed agent to act on their behalf at the pharmacy
  • MIPA member pharmacies DO NOT fill any prescriptions for controlled medications, or any medications deemed subject to potential abuse, to any patient unable to attend to the pharmacy in-person (regardless of any standing limited power of attorney for other medications)