MIPA Serves Patients That Have Been Denied Access to Their Physician Prescribed Medications

MIPA Serves Patients Who Cannot Find or Afford Their Physician Prescribed Medications 2017-03-15T08:33:15-05:00

Drugs Not Available at Your Local Pharmacy

Question: What do you do when something you need is not made available any more in the city or country where you live?

Answer: You use the Internet to see if it is available in other cities or countries.

When a medication that your doctor prescribes for you is not available in your country because the demand for it is too low for stores to purchase or import, and there is no equitable replacement, MIPA member pharmacies may be able to help. Patients suffering from various conditions are able to receive medications and education to adhere to the treatment prescribed by their physician.

Not Affordable Means Not Available

Question: What do you do when the medication you need has become unaffordable in the city or country where you live?

Answer: You use the Internet to check the pricing in other cities or countries.

MIPA believes that everyone the right to access affordable medication. Everyone deserves to have the same quality of life and access to life-maintaining products. If you or a parent or child have failing health, the last thing you should worry about is whether you can find the necessary medication – let alone choosing whether to buy the medication or put food on the table.

MIPA pharmacies sell pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications made by the leading brand-name manufacturers for up to a 90-day supply, at prices 50-80 percent less than U.S. pharmacies. MIPA members do not sell controlled substances, narcotics or pseudoephedrine products.

MIPA supports policies that ensure the price of a drug is fair, equitable and affordable – even for the poor population and the health systems that serves them. Pricing products on an equity level is a principle that is based on fact that the poor should pay less for, and have access to, essential medicines.

Patient Privacy For Sensitive Therapies

The privacy and security of all patient health information is among our top priorities. We understand that some drugs require more privacy and discretion than others, and in smaller communities it can be harder to keep that information where it needs to be. The privacy rules that MIPA partners follow protects your rights with respect to your personal information and limits how your health information can be used and shared with others. Our MIPA members provide services which is completely confidential and will ship your medicine in discreet packaging from our registered partner pharmacies.