MIPA Pays $20,000,000 Annually in Winnipeg Salaries and Helps 100,000+ Patients In-Need

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We Help Manitoban Families

Manitoban families remain one of our top priorities. Investing in employees not only helps them attain a sense of pride but also helps to keep them right here in Manitoba. MIPA is committed to ensuring that all our employees have access to a living wage. By having a strong focus on providing a living wage we can help families maintain a positive work life balance. A living wage generally means providing families that are working forty hours a week, the ability to afford the basics, such as, food, shelter, utilities, transport, health care, recreation, some upgrading to their education, and childcare.

MIPA members have been dedicated since 2003 to not only keep Manitobans steadily employed, but also provide them with a living wage. By keeping our employees engaged, providing above average wages and benefits we have been able to grow and flourish for the past 13 years and are positioned to continue to be productive contributor. Members have concentrated on providing full-time jobs to our employees and our communities. While still accommodating those employees that require part-time work life balance due to childcare or furthering their education. MIPA has been instrumental in continuing to raise the minimum wage for pharmacists in Manitoba and pharmacy technicians. This has been accomplished through the creation of new jobs, opportunities and competing for available trained professionals to meet those demands.

We also believe that by providing our employees a positive cause to work towards, we have been able to attract the very best people that Manitoba has to offer. MIPA members are committed to providing jobs to Manitobans and keeping them here. Through focusing on both, we are able to to help provide for our employees but also to invest in the growth of our communities. Distance care pharmacies were born in Manitoba by Manitobans and MIPA continues to invest to be a positive contributor to our economy and success for decades to come. It is all about Manitoba and the people that live here.