Skilling Up Manitoba Workers or Building a Skilled Manitoba Workforce

Skilling Up Manitoba Workers or Building a Skilled Manitoba Workforce 2017-03-15T08:33:15-05:00

Educating, Training, and Skilling-Up Manitobans

MIPA is dedicated to continuing to strengthen the distance care pharmacy industry in Manitoba and increasing the skills of all our employees. Our commitment to skills development and training enables us able to attract the best kind of employees, people who care about the services and products that they provide to our clients.

All of our members are committed to ongoing investment in the education and advancement of staff, providing career opportunities through education and workforce development. MIPA helps Manitobans develop the foundational skills necessary for career advancement, provide expanded career opportunities and reduce financial barriers often associated with these endeavours.

Existing employees may need to up-skill to develop their own careers; and keep them challenged, engaged and innovating new ways to build the industry. A cost-effective way of meeting these skill needs is building on the talents that many MIPA members already have within their business.


Over the course of 14 years I have received valuable training, formal education, and upgrading of my skills. I’m so thankful for the company investing in me. It makes me want to work harder for our patients and provide the very best care I can.