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MIPA Guide to Safe Purchasing Practices

MIPA is dedicated to supporting the delivery of safe and affordable distance-based pharmacy care for the improvement of health and well-being of individuals of all ages from around the world. Since 2001, MIPA member pharmacies have demonstrated that it is safe to purchase medicines at a distance and online; and have maintained a 100% perfect safety record.

The internet is not without dangers, however, and MIPA members recognize the need to protect our reputation. MIPA takes every effort to ensure that the quality of our medicines are second to none, and to ensure that purchasing medicine from MIPA pharmacies is as safe (or safer!) than purchasing from a local pharmacy.

To Do Checklist:

Here are some things consumers should do to ensure that their drug purchases from Canada are safe:

  • Purchase only from a known and established pharmacy with a proven track record for quality and good service.
    • Confirm the pharmacy license number on the website, and if in doubt, call the regulator to confirm licensure.
    • Verify the physical address (i.e. a “bricks and mortar” location).
  • Verify that the Canadian pharmacy is certified by MIPA by reviewing the list at our website or using the verification tool at our national counterpart, CIPA (
  • Ask where the drugs will be dispensed from.
  • Ask the Canadian pharmacy about its safety measures and standards.
  • Call if there are any questions or concerns with the medicine.

Never buy from a business that sells prescription medicine without a prescription, or based on a mere questionnaire.

Known Rogue Operations:

Both MIPA and its national counterpart CIPA have earned strong reputations for safety and privacy, and have served millions of satisfied patients over the years. Protecting that reputation is important and it has become imperative that we monitor the internet to alert the public of dangerous rogue online drug sellers that engage in mischief from selling drugs without a prescription to selling sub-standard and counterfeit products. Also controlled substances and narcotics. As part of our ongoing effort, MIPA issues routine warnings to consumers whenever such a rogue operation rears its ugly head. These sorts of operations also commonly engage in SPAM activities, prey upon the unsuspecting with manipulative and misleading selling tactics, place fraudulent credit card changes, or sell counterfeit medicine. They hide their identity with false names and address information.

Protect yourself from Rogues and Scammers.

Whatever you do, stay away from these rogue sites. If their emails or websites reference the following business names be very cautious:

If you believe you have been tricked into buying from a rogue drug operation, or are subjected to SPAM from a company claiming to be a legitimate Canadian pharmacy, please Contact Us and tell us about your experience, so that we can protect others.

Stay Informed:

In addition, here are some useful resources: